27 Oct 2021

Topical Fluoride Treatments for Children

Tooth decay is a problem, but with an increase in fluoride in your child’s life, you can ensure they have strong, healthy teeth. Topical fluoride treatments are a great way to ensure your children have healthy and strong teeth.

Does Fluoride Prevent Cavities?

Fluoride is a compound found in drinking water naturally, and it helps reinforce the enamel, or the white part, of your teeth. The enamel helps prevent cavities, the fluoride strengthens teeth, helping to prevent cavities.

Topical Fluoride

Topical fluoride treatments are entirely safe for your children. It’s a preventative agent that prevents and controls tooth decay. The fluoride varnish is painted directly onto their teeth by a dental professional or pediatric dentist. The only downside is that they’ll need to avoid overly crunchy foods overall. Brushing should be avoided for several hours after receiving treatment.

Is Fluoride Safe?

Fluoride is entirely safe to use and is not only in most drinking water, but it’s also in all toothpaste. This makes it incredibly easy to ensure that your children have enough fluoride in their diets.

Topical fluoride treatments are a great way to help prevent tooth decay, but if your teeth are starting to ache, you should come to our emergency dentist in Jupiter as soon as possible. Call us to set up your next appointment today.