31 Jul 2019
what is teeth whitening west palm beach?

There is no arguing that a set of straight and white teeth makes for an attractive smile. Unfortunately, only very few are lucky enough to have a perfectly even and stain-free smile. Thankfully, dentists today are offering teeth whitening West Palm Beach so you can smile with confidence just like the celebrities you see on TV. However, despite the popularity of teeth whitening treatments, many are having doubts because of the strong wave of misconceptions about this procedure. Before you say no, we encourage you to do some research and learn the facts. 

Teeth Whitening West Palm Beach Will Destroy Your Enamel

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about teeth whitening and it’s also one of the most common reasons why people are actually scared to get their teeth whitened. The good news is that there is no truth to this as long as you let a professional and licensed dentist perform the procedure but if you are using DIY teeth whitening kits there’s a big chance it will destroy your enamel. Moral lesson: always go to a licensed dentist if you are thinking about getting your teeth whitened.  

Whitened Teeth Will Stay White Forever

After the treatment, you will see a noticeable difference in your teeth’s shade. It will be significantly lighter but it doesn’t mean it will stay this way forever because as long as you continue to drink coffee, wine and tea, it will only be a matter of time before you’ll start seeing stains and yellowing again. This is why teeth whitening treatment is recommended every few months in order to maintain the whiteness of your teeth.

Professionally Whitened Teeth Will Make Your Teeth Look Fake

Don’t worry because your dentist knows what shade will look natural on you. You won’t be able to control the shade if you are using DIY teeth whitening kits. 

what is teeth whitening west palm beach?

Looking for Teeth Whitening West Palm Beach?

Before you say no to teeth whitening West Palm Beach, know facts from fiction. Here at Premier Dentistry, we are proud to offer the absolute best in general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. Our main priority is your complete comfort. Call us today for an appointment.