29 May 2020
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Not every dental issue is considered a dental emergency, but those that do may require immediate attention! While you may feel inclined to ignore a slight pain in your gums, that could be a sign of a problem developing. Severe, persistent pain can be a sign of a dental abscess, which can be life-threatening if not taken care of right away. If you notice any abnormalities with your smile, it is so important that you call our Jupiter emergency dentist. It is always better to detect a dental emergency early on before it becomes a more serious problem. Do not hesitate to call if you think you may have an oral health issue.

Clear Signs of a Dental Emergency

There are some signs that you may need to take a trip to visit our Jupiter emergency dentist. Some clear indicators that you are experiencing a dental emergency are:

  • excessive bleeding
  • knocked out tooth
  • chip that creates a sharp point
  • crack in the tooth that reaches the gums
  • shooting pain

What to Do With a Knocked Out Tooth

If you have suddenly knocked out a tooth, it is so important that you act quickly. Typically, you will need to get to our office within 30 minutes of knocking out a tooth in order to save it. That allows our Jupiter emergency dentist to potentially save the tooth and repair your smile. Nothing is guaranteed when you lose a tooth, but we may be able to repair it depending on the severity of damage. If you have lost a tooth due to blunt force trauma, follow these steps to try and preserve the tooth:

  • Pick the tooth up by the chewing surface, not the root.
  • Put the tooth in milk or back in the socket if possible.
  • If it is a child’s tooth, do NOT put it back in the socket. This could damage the adult tooth forming underneath the surface.
  • Call our office to let us know you are on your way. This will give us time to prepare a room for you.

Wear a Mouth guard When Possible

If you play high-contact sports, we highly recommend wearing a mouth guard to protect your teeth and gums. Injury from blunt-force trauma can cause you to lose or break teeth, damage your gums, and even break your jaw. It is so important to wear protective facial gear whenever possible. Damage to your teeth can not only cause you to have an incomplete smile, but it can also leave your oral health at risk. A crack in your tooth that reaches the gum line can leave you vulnerable to infection. This could threaten your smile, but it can also threaten your overall physical health. Wearing a mouth guard or other form of protection can save your smile from avoidable injury. The best way to treat a dental emergency is to prevent one, so be sure to take every step to guard your healthy smile!

Maintain a Healthy Smile with Our Jupiter Emergency Dentist

Visiting our Jupiter emergency dentist every six months can help prevent a dental emergency from ever occurring. You should visit our office for a dental cleaning and check-up every six months so that we can thoroughly clean your smile. This also gives our team a chance to detect any abnormalities before they become more serious dental health issues. You should also be following a proper dental healthcare routine to help shield your smile from the harmful effects of plaque and tartar. Brush twice per day with fluoride toothpaste and floss every night before bed. Following a healthy diet and staying hydrated can also help to protect your smile!