29 Sep 2021

How Do Wisdom Teeth Affect Your Dental Health?

In your late teens to mid-twenties, an ache can start at the back of your jaw. This ache is normal, it’s your wisdom teeth cutting in, and as the last of your teeth, they’re beneficial if they come incorrectly. Usually, they don’t come incorrectly, and that is when you may need to schedule an appointment with us as an emergency dentist in Jupiter.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Your wisdom teeth are the last teeth that come up through your gums, usually in your late teens to mid-twenties. These teeth aren’t a surprise; a large portion of the population has them, but some people are born without them though it’s uncommon. They’re designed to help us grind raw and complex foods, which isn’t necessary for our current day-to-day diets. 

Do Wisdom Teeth Hurt?

When wisdom teeth start coming in, they ache just like any other tooth emerging into your mouth might ache. It’s an inconvenience at best when they come in properly. Considering the fact that they don’t usually come in correctly, they cause additional pain which can become excruciating. This pain can distract you from even menial tasks making this tooth pain different and more distracting than other tooth pain.

Why Are They Extracted?

Wisdom teeth are only extracted when they become a problem, but since they come in last, they cause problems pretty regularly. When they come in wrong, they can press against your other teeth, either under the gum or when they come in at an angle. This can cause much more pain and discomfort than the tooth would usually cause if it came in typically, leading to many people getting them extracted. 

Wisdom teeth are unique when they come in your mouth correctly. When they come in wrong, they can cause a lot of pain and may require your wisdom teeth to be extracted by an emergency dentist in Jupiter. Feel free to ask us about any aches you may have at your next appointment!