12 Dec 2017
what tools does my dentist in west palm beach use

We’ve all been there: Sitting in the dental chair, eyeing up the metal tools that are about to poke and prod our gums. While they may not look so comforting, these tools are fairly straightforward and can provide a world of help when it comes to a dental cleaning. So, keep reading to get familiar with what your dentist in West Palm Beach has on his or her tool tray!


This one is pretty obvious. It’s not always easy for your dentist to see all the nooks and crannies of your teeth. So, a small mirror is used to give them a clearer view! This offers you a deeper cleaning.

Dental Probes

Depending on what your dentist is looking at, he or she may use a variety of dental probes. These just allow them to maneuver their way around your teeth, gums, and mouth in general for a thorough look and cleaning.

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If you have a buildup of bacteria and/or calcium, a scaler may be necessary to remove it. You may feel a little bit of pressure when your dentist uses this tool, but it should never be painful!

Saliva Ejector

That little suction piece resting on the side of the tool tray is the saliva ejector. And it, well, ejects saliva, allowing your dentist a clear view at what’s going on. They also help to make you feel more comfortable (less risk of spillage) during your time in the chair.

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