05 Feb 2021

A child’s smile is part of the foundation on which their overall wellness will be built on for their entire lives. It is so important to help children develop healthy oral hygiene habits from a young age so that they can have a healthy smile well into adulthood. Children are particularly prone to cavities because they tend to consume a lot of sugar and may not take the best care of their smile. Our Jupiter pediatric dentistry team has some simple tips for maintaining your child’s healthy smile! Keep reading to learn more about ways you can participate in Children’s Dental Health Month.

Fluoride is Key!

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps to fortify enamel and protect teeth and gums from oral disease. You can tell which dental hygiene products contain fluoride if they have the ADA Seal of Acceptance, which guarantees that the product is safe and effective. Fluoride helps to fight off gum disease and cavities. Enamel can be remineralized by topical fluoride treatments and regular use of fluoride toothpaste. Kids’ teeth are still developing their enamel up until 7 years of age, so fluoride helps to protect teeth while their smile is developing. Fluoride also helps to fight the effects of plaque and tartar that build up on the teeth. Kids are prone to cavities due to their developing smile and sugary eating habits, so take advantage of fluoride treatments!

Practice Excellent Oral Hygiene

One way to help improve your child’s dental hygiene is by modeling good behavior. Take some time to brush your teeth with your child for a full two minutes each time. Not only does this set a good example for your child, it also works as a great bonding activity! Choose a song to dance to while you brush so that your child can understand the desired timing for brushing their teeth. Building healthy habits now will encourage your child to take great care of their smile for the rest of their life.

Update Their Toolkit

Brushing regularly won’t be that effective if your child is not using the right tools. Make sure your child is using a toothbrush that is the appropriate size for their smile. Toothbrushes should be replaced every three months so that the bristles don’t fray. Fluoride toothpaste should always be used to not only clean your child’s smile but also strengthen their teeth and gums. Flossing is also so important for your child’s smile! Brushing accounts for about 70% of your child’s smile, but flossing cleans the other 30%. If your child has trouble using floss, try having your child work with floss picks.

Visit Our Office

Regular dental cleanings are necessary for your child to maintain a healthy smile. While brushing and flossing help keep your child’s smile clean, they can’t remove tartar from teeth. Plaque that hardens onto the teeth turns into tartar, which can then only be removed through the process of scaling. Scaling is performed using special tools provided by our Jupiter pediatric dentistry team. Regular dental cleanings are essential to keep a smile healthy, so make sure your child is coming in for cleanings every six months.

To learn more about National Children’s Dental Health Month, talk to our team. Our Jupiter pediatric dentistry experts can give you advice on how to keep your child’s smile healthy for life! Call Premier Dentistry at (561) 626-3474 or fill out a contact form directly on our website.