01 Jun 2021
Woman getting a dental cleaning

While cavities may not seem like an immediate issue, they can actually be quite a serious dental emergency if they are not treated promptly. Cavities occur due to an excess of dental decay in the tooth’s enamel. This can create holes in the tooth that may compromise the health of the tooth. Our Jupiter emergency dentist recommends having cavities cleaned out and sealed to protect your healthy teeth. Keep reading to learn more about how cavities may become dental emergencies.

The best way to protect your smile from the formation of cavities is to follow a perfect dental hygiene routine. That means brushing twice per day with fluoride toothpaste, flossing every night before bed, and rinsing with antibacterial mouthwash regularly. We also recommend that you visit our Jupiter emergency dentist every six months for a proper cleaning and examination. This routine visit will give our team a chance to check your smile for any abnormalities. Early detection can make a huge difference in your smile’s health. Locating cavities in their early stages can allow our team to clean the affected area and prevent the need for further treatment. Restoring a tooth that has been severely affected by dental decay can be much more serious and more expensive than treating a cavity early. Serious cavities may warrant a tooth extraction or tooth restoration to protect your smile from serious infection.

Children are at a higher risk for dental cavities, so our Jupiter emergency dentist recommends staying proactive with their oral health. Take the time to educate your child on the importance of caring for their smile, and try to stick to a healthy diet as often as possible. Some sugary foods and drinks can cause your child’s teeth to experience excess plaque and tartar, which could lead to major decay. Try to help your child develop a healthy smile by protecting them from cavities. Our Jupiter emergency dentist recommends that children get dental sealants before cavities can occur. Sealants are a thin layer of ceramic that are placed on the chewing surfaces of molars. These sealants can help to protect your child’s teeth from developing decay in hard to reach areas.

If you are experiencing recurring tooth pain or sensitivity in one area of your mouth, you may have a cavity. Cavities are not always avoidable, so even healthy smiles can develop them over time. If you notice persistent or shooting pain in your mouth, make sure you visit our team right away. Persistent pain is a clear sign of an oral health issue and may be a sign of serious infection. Other signs of oral infection include facial swelling, tender or bleeding gums, and slow healing sores. If you are experiencing any abnormal symptoms, call our office immediately to schedule a visit.

To learn more about cavities and your oral health, contact our office to schedule a visit. A dental cleaning and check-up are the best way to prevent cavities from occurring, so call our office at (561) 747-7111 to book your appointment.