19 Mar 2020
pediatric dentist north palm beach

Our Pediatric Dentist in North Palm Beach Encourages Healthy Smiles at a Young Age

Premier Dentistry is proud to provide high-quality dental care to all kids in the community! Dr. Casel, our North Palm Beach pediatric dentist, is here to help your child have the healthiest and happiest smile. Dental health is an important part of their wellbeing, so their teeth and gums need regular care to stay healthy.

As a child develops, their oral health needs are constantly evolving. Our team is dedicated to excellent dental care that continues into adulthood to encourage a healthy, growing smile.

The Risk of Cavities

Children are highly vulnerable to the development of cavities due to the amount of sugar they tend to consume. Even if your child eats all their fruits and veggies, they’re still prone to cavities. That’s why it’s important to make regular visits to our pediatric dentist of North Palm Beach twice per year.

Cavities rot away at your child’s teeth and cause severe dental decay and gum disease. While their baby teeth may seem unimportant, their oral health as a child impacts their oral health as an adult. Damage to your kid’s teeth and gums changes the formation of their adult teeth underneath the surface. To ensure your child is set up for a healthy smile, address their oral health throughout their childhood.

Protect Future Teeth

Taking good care of your child’s teeth now protects their adult teeth that are still forming. It’s important that your child understands the importance of proper oral hygiene. Our pediatric dentist in North Palm Beach stresses the importance of teaching your child routine dental care.

Make brushing an activity that your child enjoys by getting a fun toothbrush and playing music they enjoy. A good dental care routine consists of brushing twice per day, flossing before bed, and rinsing with mouthwash. No dental care routine is complete without a visit to Premier Dentistry, so be sure to visit every six months.

Reduce Dental Anxiety

Some kids are afraid of the dentist, but there are ways to help reduce this anxiety. Let your child know in advance they have a dental appointment coming up, giving you time to adjust their expectations. Bring them in for a tour or to meet our team if they haven’t had a visit with us before. We love to meet new patients! The friendly team at Premier Dentistry helps your child by answering any questions or by giving them a tour. Call our office to schedule your child’s tour!

We’re so proud to provide excellent dental care to kids in our community and be the pediatric dentist in North Palm Beach your children deserve. Call Dr. Casel at Premier Dentistry to schedule your child’s next dental cleaning. Reach us by calling our office at (561) 626-3474 or by filling out a contact form directly on our site. We look forward to seeing your healthy and happy smile!