10 Aug 2022

Did you know that 10 percent of Americans between 50 to 64 have no teeth remaining? So while dentures are a good, affordable option, they can also present issues if you have trouble eating with them, maintaining them, and feeling confident.   

All on 4 dental implants can be an excellent option if you want a permanent solution. Even better, they’re less invasive than other procedures.   

Keep reading to learn essential details about All on 4 dental implants in Jupiter!   

1. Better Choice for Patients  

The All on 4 technique is a great choice for patients struggling with bone health issues. Typically, bone grafting is necessary if a patient requires an implant but doesn’t have the bones to support it.   

For patients struggling with osteoporosis and poor bone growth, All on 4 implants don’t require bone grafting, making the entire procedure more comfortable, faster, and less invasive.   

After the procedure, healing and rehabilitation are usually much shorter since only four implants for a full arch are needed.  

2. A Permanent Solution  

Just like with traditional implants, All on 4 implants are a permanent solution if you’re struggling with missing teeth. Because the implants are embedded into your jawbone, they’ll look and feel like natural teeth. Even better, you won’t have to worry about them shifting or slipping off like with dentures.   

3. Easy Maintenance  

Lastly, one of the top benefits of these implants is that maintenance is easy. Since they mimic your natural teeth, you’ll need to ensure you’re brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once.   

In contrast, dentures must be taken out daily and soaked in a special solution to keep them clean.   

Consider All on 4 Dental Implants in Jupiter Today  

If you struggle with chewing, speaking, or self-confidence from missing teeth, it can be hard to find reasonable, permanent solutions if you also suffer from osteoporosis. Fortunately, All on 4 implants were created for patients with these exact issues.   

The first step is to speak with your favorite dentist to ensure you’re a good candidate. Contact us today to get started!