12 Sep 2022

Did you know that seeing an emergency dentist as soon as possible can be the difference between saving or losing one of your natural teeth? This is why it helps to recognize the moments when you need to call.  

Keep reading to learn three top reasons you need to call an emergency dentist in West Palm Beach!  

Knocked-Out Tooth 

A knocked-out tooth is a top reason to call an emergency dentist. Once you recover your tooth, rinse it in cool water and press it back into its socket. This will help preserve it while you’re on your way to your appointment.  

If it doesn’t stay, you can also opt to hold it on the side of your cheek or a cup of milk.  

From there, your dentist may be able to save your natural tooth!  

Severe Pain 

If you’re experiencing progressively worsening pain that’s beginning to impede the quality of your life, don’t wait for it to get better. This is often the sign of a cavity or abscess, and they won’t heal independently.  

After you come in for an emergency appointment, your dentist will determine the source and mitigate your pain. If a root canal is needed, those are often scheduled for a later day.  

Swollen Jaw or Mouth 

Lastly, your jaw or mouth doesn’t swell for no reason. If you notice swelling or inflammation, this is a sign that something is wrong, and you need to contact your emergency dentist immediately.  

Your dentist will determine whether you have an infection or something is wrong with your lymph nodes. They’ll be able to help you manage the pain, mitigate the swelling, and diagnose you to find a solution.  

Don’t Hesitate to Contact Your Emergency Dentist in West Palm Beach 

If you suspect you have a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to call your dentist! Even if it turns out not to be as pressing as you once thought, your dentist will go over your symptoms with you so they can help determine the severity.  

Of course, regular cleanings can help mitigate the chances of cavities and the severe pain they cause. Schedule an appointment with us today!